What Sets Us Apart

Experience, experience and experience.  

   1. The pediatric dentists have had 2 years of additional specialty training in the    management of children, adolescents, and the special needs patient beyond       dental school. We utilize N20 (laughing gas) in the office.

   2..We offer hospital dentistry at both CCHS and Nemours Childrens hospital.

   3. Orthodontics is offered for children.  This may include phase 1 treatment         'turtle' rapid palatal expander and/or braces for the upper and lower teeth.

      Most orthodontic cases take an average of 2 years duration. Financing available.  

   4. The adult dentist Dr. Daria  Ryan has  worked in the field over 25 years and       confidently shows her expertise in filling restorations, crowns,  and implants.

   5. Our hygienists have  years of experience. They are kpatient oriented with       great clinical skills.         

   6. Tethered oral tissue releases- We are a release provider for tethered tissues      [lip tie,tongue tie] using a CO2 LASER,  (light scalpel]

   7.  We are all females and are gentle and kind.

   8.  Specialty and family dentistry in  one location!