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Yes, we do ortho, and have done it for over 30 years...

Smiling Girl with Orthodontic BracesYES, we also do braces. (Orthodontics) and have been doing it for over 30 years. Drs. Ron and Lynn Collins have had extensive training in orthodontics. It's nice to have comprehensive care at our office - family dentistry and braces all in one location.

We believe that most children benefit from braces once. This means that we usually wait for the baby teeth to come out and the permanent teeth to come in before we get started. Do you remember when you were young and you had braces in 6, 7, or 8 th grade? We do evaluate your child each time he comes in for his regular cleaning and discuss it.

Free consultations - Yes. Feel free to bring in your child or adolescent for a free consultation.

  • 1st visit - Orthodontic records- This appointment consists of taking models of your child's teeth, x-rays, and photos. The records are evaluated and a treatment plan is formulated.
  • 2nd visit - Consultation with the orthodontist- This appointment consists of discussing the treatment plan.
    Bring your questions. Your child's fee will be discussed as well as what your insurance will cover. Yes, patients make monthly payments.
  • 3rd visit - Orthodontic banding- braces are placed.
    A 2 hour time segment is reserved for your child.

Boy with BracesAbout our braces - We offer an advanced orthodontic technique called Tip-edge that offers quick movement of teeth with light forces. This means that your child will have less pain and be happier. Also the treatment time is usually less than 2 years!!!

A color planner. Are you familiar with it? We have colors, colors and colors. Colors are changed each visit at no additional fee.

Braces CareOur orthodontic fee includes all orthodontic visits. This means all wire changes, one set of retainers and retainer check appointments. We offer financing with monthly payments available.

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